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Air-Volution Awning Walls

Air-Volution Awning Walls

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Enhance your camping experience with the Air-Volution AT-4 or AT-6 tent by adding these convenient add-on walls. Expand your shelter to set up a covered camp kitchen or create a cozy space to relax on breezy or rainy days.

Each side of the tent's included awning can be covered easily and quickly. The walls also feature 40 x 60cm windows for natural light and ventilation. The total space covered by the awning and wall kit is approximately 75 sq-ft, and each panel measures approximately 2.8 x 1.6m.

The awning and poles are already included with the AT-4 and AT-6 tents, so no extra poles are required to use these walls.

- Zippered carry bag and hardware.

*Product configuration may vary from photos. Tent not included. Please verify exact specifications and contents before purchase.*

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In 1991, Darche revolutionized the traditional swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag. DARREN O’DWYER, the founder of Darche, along with his wife CHERYL (DAR-CHE), embarked on an eastern Australia journey. Wanting a shelter arrangement that was quick, practical, and easy to stow, Darren used his imagination and created a canvas shell with fiberglass poles, and the dome-style swag was born. Realizing the need for a suitable and purpose-built factory to meet demand, Darche partnered with Australian supply chain partners, becoming the leading swag and canvas converter in Australia.

Today, Darche is proudly owned by the Charles Parsons Group, who have been actively involved for over 20 years in supplying textile and trim componentry to Darche. Charles Parsons is the largest textile wholesaler in the Southern Hemisphere, with offices in every capital city of Australia, including offices in Fiji, Auckland, and Shanghai. The day-to-day operations of Darche occur in a warehouse facility based in Thomastown, Victoria, with a site area of more than 40,000m². Darche is overseen by experienced textile product developers, business strategists, and passionate staff who are outdoor enthusiasts with sound knowledge and experience.


We are passionate, dynamic, and keen. We enjoy the same lifestyle choices as our consumers. We strive to provide our consumers with the very best value, reliability, and service, and most importantly, we recognize the trust they place in us. We welcome both positive and negative feedback from our consumers and promise to keep delivering while listening. We are mindful of our vulnerable environment and build our products to last the journey. We encourage lifetime use, and if over the years it requires attention, even if it is a discontinued product, we endeavor to find a solution, on a best effort basis, to have it back and performing for you.


Darche’s growth and shortage of experienced canvas converters and local machinists have led Darche to establish reputable offshore assembly and supply chain partners. Operating from four major plants purposely selected and audited by Darche, these facilities employ over 180 people, including machinists, assemblers, finishers, toolmakers, and QA/QC supervisors. It is important to note that Darche does not use trading houses or vertical arrangements offshore to source products. All product prototypes are developed in Australia by Darche and are involved from concept through to market release. Utilizing Charles Parsons accredited laboratories and leading processes, all developments are then rigorously tested at the Thomastown facility and again in real-life situations by developers.

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