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Eclipse 180V Compact Awning Walls

Eclipse 180V Compact Awning Walls

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### Product Overview: Darche Eclipse 180V Wall Kit

Nobody likes camping in the rain - that's why the **Eclipse 180V Wall Kit** is an essential investment. Simply attach the wall sections and you nearly triple the amount of coverage provided by your awning. Whether it's too windy to cook or you need some shelter from the blazing sun, these walls turn any camping setup into a true four-season operation.

#### Versatility and Functionality
The "V" stands for versatile: you can use the walls as an extension or as a wind and weather break. The kit comes as three sections - the main wall panel zips directly to your awning, while the rear walls (for use with rear mount awning configuration) attach via the sail track and hook and loop fasteners. The main wall is zippered in three panels, giving you plenty of options for your wall setup. Peg the side panels down and use the center panel as an extended awning (poles sold separately), or peg all the panels down and use the wide zippered door on the center panel for easy access.

#### Durable Construction
The walls are made from quality 260gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and have an impressive PU 1500mm water rating and seam sealing that will keep you dry in rainy conditions. They also feature a UPF50+ rating for protection against harmful UV rays.

**Safety Note:** Ensure that the 180V Walls are pegged down at all times using the included guy ropes. Extra care must be taken in inclement weather to ensure the awning is not overloaded by wind or snow build-up.

#### Key Features
- **Coverage:** Provides approximately 118 sq-ft of coverage when all walls are anchored.
- **Flexibility:** Acts as a wind/weather break or as an awning extension (poles sold separately).
- **All-Weather Shelter:** Perfect for providing shelter over a swag in any weather.
- **Versatile Configurations:** Zippered wall panels allow for various setup options.
- **Easy Access:** Features a 1300mm (51") wide zippered door on the center panel.
- **Sun Protection:** UPF50+ rating for effective sun protection.
- **Complete Set:** Includes pegs and guy ropes.
- **Compatibility:** Requires the Eclipse 180V Compact awning.

Looking for awning walls that fit a full-size Eclipse 180 Gen 2 awning? Click here.

**Note:** Product configuration may vary from photos. Shown with optional extras, available separately. Please verify exact specifications and contents before purchase.

### About Darche

**Where It All Began**

In 1991, Darche revolutionized the traditional swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag. Founded by Darren O’Dwyer and his wife Cheryl (DAR-CHE), the company was born from their need for a quick, practical, and easy-to-stow shelter arrangement during their journey across eastern Australia. Darren's innovation led to the creation of a canvas shell with fiberglass poles, and the Dome style swag was born. To meet the growing demand, Darche established a suitable factory arrangement and became the leading swag and canvas converter in Australia.

Today, Darche is proudly owned by the Charles Parsons Group, the largest textile wholesaler in the Southern Hemisphere. Darche operates from a warehouse facility in Thomastown, Victoria, with a site area of more than 40,000m2. The company is overseen by experienced textile product developers, business strategists, and passionate outdoor enthusiasts who ensure high-quality products.

**Our Promise**

We are passionate, dynamic, and keen. We enjoy the same lifestyle choices as our consumers. We strive to provide our consumers with the best value, reliability, and service, and we recognize the trust they place in us. We welcome feedback and promise to keep delivering while listening. We build our products to last the journey and encourage lifetime use. If over the years our products require attention, we endeavor to find a solution to have them back and performing for you.

**What Makes Us Different?**

Darche has established reputable offshore assembly and supply chain partners due to the shortage of experienced canvas converters and local machinists. Operating from four major plants, we develop all product prototypes in Australia and are involved from concept through to market release. Utilizing Charles Parsons' accredited laboratories and leading processes, all developments are rigorously tested at our Thomastown facility and again in real-life situations by our developers.

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