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Emergency Tire Valve System, 2-Pack

Emergency Tire Valve System, 2-Pack

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Rubber tire valves fail - it's simply a matter of time. When this happens, you're stuck with swapping out a spare tire, or worse. Changing a tire valve requires access to the inside the wheel, which could mean a trip to the tire shop or a time-consuming dismount and remount of your tire on the trail - not anymore!

Thanks to the Colby Valve Emergency Tire Valve system, wasted afternoons are a thing of the past.

When you need to make a repair in the field, this is your solution. The "winged spacer" design makes installation as easy as twisting a wingnut. Colby Valve Emergency Valves offer tool-free installation from the outside of the wheel, in about 1 minute. These are 0.453" size, and will fit everything from bicycles to motorcycles to truck tires.

Emergency Valves are an essential part of any toolbox, even if you're not driving a 4x4. Trailers and RVs spend a lot of time sitting in the sun and cold without being driven - which means their tire valves get brittle and often pop if the wheels haven't turned in a while.

  • NO TOOLS required! Install by hand
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel
  • Repair is done in about 1 minute, just air up and drive away
  • Fits standard 0.453" wheel openings
  • 20X stronger than standard valves
  • Black, Red, and Orange available
  • Quality 360 brass components
  • Patented and Made in the USA

Looking for valves that prevent failures in the first place? We offer Permanent tire valves in two sizes, as well as XL Emergency valves for heavy equipment such as tractors, excavators, and large trucks.

Each package contains two valves. For fitment advice, please contact us with a picture of your valve stem opening.

Brigade is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Colby Valve LLC products.

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