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Lumina Solar Pathway Lamps

Lumina Solar Pathway Lamps

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Embark on a path lit by the mystic glow of the Lumina Solar Pathway Lamps from our Glamping Collection. Crafted with an eye for both functionality and beauty, these solar-powered lamps are not mere illuminators; they are guardians of your evening, guiding your steps with the gentle warmth of golden light. Choose from an array of unique designs, each telling its own story.


  • Enchanting Designs: Metal crafted with intricate details, finished with a golden coating inside to capture and reflect a warm, inviting glow.
  • Solar-Powered Splendor: Equipped with high-efficiency polysilicon solar panels (2V 80MA), these lamps harness the power of the sun to offer you a gentle, enduring light, casting a warm white radiance that transforms any space into a haven of comfort and allure.
  • Efficient Illumination: At the heart of each lamp sits a bright warm white LED, powered by a robust 1.2V 600Mah 3AAA rechargeable battery, ensuring that the path before you is always bathed in an inviting glow, from dusk till dawn.
  • Versatile Use: Perfectly poised to illuminate tent entrances, light up pathways, or add a festive ambience to outdoor gatherings. Their solar-powered design means you can place them anywhere the sun touches, without worrying about cords or outlets.
  • A Symbol of Warmth: Beyond illumination, these lamps are a symbol of warmth and welcome, inviting guests, family, and friends to gather, share stories, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors under a blanket of stars and the soft light of ancient symbols.

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