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Telescopic Awning Pole

Telescopic Awning Pole

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**Darche Awning Poles**

Darche awning poles are made from high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, and extend in height from 90 to 230cm (35-90 inches), allowing you to use the door flaps on many Darche annex rooms and awning extensions as shelter. The pole extends in three sections and features a rubber foot, plus a pointed end for securely inserting in grommets.

- Made from high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
- Extends in height from 90 to 230cm (35-90 inches)
- Extends in three sections
- Features a rubber foot and pointed end for secure insertion in grommets
- Comes in a single pack

Usable with:
- Eclipse 270 & 180 walls
Eclipse Slimline Extensions
- RTT annexes, and more.

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