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TemboTusk Collapsible Skottle Lid Handle

TemboTusk Collapsible Skottle Lid Handle

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Collapsible Skottle Lid Handle: Space-Saving and Convenient

Step22 soft replacement handle for regular Skottle Lid. The Collapsible Skottle Lid Handle by Step22 is a direct replacement for the bakelite handle that came with the Skottle lid.

  • Designed in TemboTusk colors.
  • Collapsible to save space by laying flat when stored.


  • LID is NOT included. This purchase is for the Step22 Collapsible handle only.
  • (Lid, Skottle, and Leg Table photos are for demonstration only.)

Upgrade your Skottle Lid with this practical and stylish handle, ensuring you have more space and convenience during your outdoor adventures.

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