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The Nordic Adventure Outdoor Picnic Blanket

The Nordic Adventure Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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Introduce a touch of elegance and unparalleled functionality to your outdoor adventures with The Nordic Adventure Travel Throw. Expertly crafted from premium cotton yarn, this exquisite throw is designed to serve as your cozy companion on crisp evenings and your vibrant picnic blanket during sunny days. Its dual-purpose design is inspired by the spirit of adventure and the serene beauty of the Nordic landscapes, making it an essential addition to your travel and leisure repertoire.

Crafted for Comfort and Style:

  • Material & Fabric: Made from the finest cotton yarn, this throw offers a soft, gentle touch against the skin, ensuring comfort whether you're basking in the sun or wrapped up against the evening chill. Its breathable fabric makes it ideal for all seasons, offering warmth without the weight.
  • Weight & Dimensions: Weighing in at approximately 1KG and measuring 130cm x 160cm, The Nordic Adventure Travel Throw is large enough to snuggle under yet light enough to carry on all your journeys.
  • Colour & Pattern: The throw features a stunning Nordic pattern, evoking the vivid hues of northern landscapes and adding a splash of colour to your outdoor or indoor settings. This design complements any adventure, from rustic camping trips to chic glamping experiences.

Versatile Utility:

The Nordic Adventure Travel Throw effortlessly transitions from a stylish picnic blanket to a warm, inviting throw. Its generous size is perfect for laying out a picnic spread in your favourite outdoor spot or wrapping around your shoulders during those cooler evenings by the fire. The durable cotton yarn construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of travel and frequent use, making it a lasting accessory for countless adventures.

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