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TemboTusk Gas Hose adapter

TemboTusk Gas Hose adapter

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Efficient and Reliable Propane Connection

Propane Gas Hose Adapter for 18" Skottle Grill

The Gas Adapter Hose is designed for use with the Skottle Grill stove and a bulk propane tank.

  • Length: 5 feet.
  • Fits QCC-1 / Type-1 connections.
  • High-pressure hose with adapter fittings for connecting LP tanks to equipment.
  • Made of high-quality, 100% solid brass to provide a secure and sealed connection between applications and tanks.
  • CSA Certified propane adapter hose with excess flow protection that will automatically shut off.

Perfect for connecting a bulk 5-20 pound propane tank to a stove with a "Coleman" style connector or gas adapter.

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